Do not feel weird for the fact different from each other even if one instance (Jangan heran jika melihat sesuatu dengan lainnya berbeda)

Do not feel weird for the fact different from each other even if one instance, a term roughly one hole, one womb, siblings and others, but make it is a blessing. Let's examine the contemplation of the creation of Allah SWT including;

Bamboo Tree:

1. Bamboo trees in one place he grew up along with his brother either small, medium, large, short, tall, and nothing is straight all, with husnudzon perhaps because of the wind, perhaps because nature, munkin because of the small or the other possibility, though the same but as if their lives with each other either body, its direction and the other is different, but bamboo does not hate each other, not mutually despised, not killing each other, running each aja life.

My brother! "Laallakum Ta'lamuun, Ta'qiluuun, Tadzakkarun, Tafkuruun, Yarsyuduuun, Taskuruuun", meaning all-knowing Allah: "That you all know, all of reason, all of dhikr, all thinking, all of them clever and everything give thanks", must be i'tibar (good example) for us all: We are in one family (We, Brother, Brother, Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa, etc.) will not be equal to one another, good body condition, although a similar but not identical, hole to the disparate, high / short, large / small, good / bad, thought patterns, behavior, behavior, intentions, and everything is different, Why do we let alone among the others with his own relatives are not neat, mutual envy, mutual hate, and even kill each other, diperebutkannya inheritance, that one there is progress and the imposition of reverse each other down. Qobil and Abel seemed to be back, do not you explain Islam; "Kal Jasadil Wahid", as one body tetkala one member of the other members feel the pain. Let's learn our family!.

No less a saudarah much different because of the fortune the world earning a welcoming, even though we are poor with you not to shy to bersillaturrahmi, what more if we had never hurts to help our own brothers. What might we controlled anger or lust Satanic run and rojongan Jin or fellow man that is not good we do. There may now be said Bodo bodo ma'dur? ... when explanations are many, many sources facilitate this, a variety of services menjebataninya, we attempted to go live and do it!. May we awake the various evil family and always with the good. Aamiin!.

2. When benefits are not all taken, we dispose of leaves, only a fraction is used as a tool store DUPI foods (foods in which the typical Sundanese rice, triangular), because if it is considered bad segment each of us do not wear it (made in torches and burn apai ).

Was thinking about the benefits of us ?.... flesh and bones as well as all our body parts to animals that are on the ground? ... Let's see when the transfer of graves; Living bones are there, nothing is dead meat. If still alive people do not sell meat on sale, even if there is an assassin and even then not the reason but the other alternative meats, face tanpan / beautiful that we are proud of, we hand make a fist, with persistence because keberania, benefits the eyes see, ears hear, taste the atmosphere of the skin , mouth taste aroma, beautiful lips, nose, tall body, the body bergulai short, everything about the business entity, whether dohir or inner, plus outside affairs, fine clothes, nice, neat, stylish, bermode, trendy, modern, quality, class prices, guaranteed quality, recognized the world, Vehicles all have, money, effort undertaken, global income (from inside to outside the state and various negada / all states), shares everywhere and other things. Is it all so warranty ?..... It turned out it was all depraved ?......

Perhaps we live in different circumstances, both Handsome / Ordinary, Beauty / Ordinary, Rich / Poor, Pinter / stupid, liberal / Narrow, Youth / Parents, Health / Hospital, boss / subordinate, and other things about the differences, of these only morality or the behavior of each one!, Les't deepened again the circumstances of each!.

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